Emergency Contacts

Should you have an emergency repair that arises out of office hours (Monday to Friday 9.30am-5pm and Saturday 8am – 2pm) please attempt to contact Jaksic Real Estate prior to engaging any of the following trades (please allow a minimum 2 hours for a response).

Only engage these trades in the case of a genuine emergency that cannot wait until the following business day. Authority must be given by Jaksic Real Estate first to avoid any possible costs to the tenant. If it is not deemed an emergency and a trade is engaged by the tenant, then the cost will be the responsibility of the tenant.

Hot water repairs
Emergency Hot Water (02) 9344 6602

MRC Plumbing 0419 417 406

Shawbridge Electrical 0426 883 004

RD Locksmiths 0422 848 929
Please note: Locksmith fees within and outside business hours are at the tenant’s cost.

We do kindly request that you email your Property Manager in the event that you have had an emergency repair, to notify them that you have organised and engaged in one of the tradespeople above.